How do you enjoy fall in the tropics?

6 Ways to Enjoy the Season When There Isn't One!

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It is hard to celebrate the seasons when the weather doesn’t change.  How do you still enjoy the seasons when you don’t have them?  How can you celebrate fall if there are NO falling leaves??  There are several things I do that help me remember home, or new ways that I have learned to cope with living in a tropical environment during these seasons.

#1 – Simple Decorations

You can’t bring tons of decorations with you to another country, but just having a few things like fake leaves and candles that smell like the season can do a lot for your fall spirit. 

#2 – Kindle Books!

Kindle books have been so awesome for me!  To be able to download a book and read it with my family has been a life saver!  Check out my post on 15 Fall Kindle Books for Kids!

#3 – Hot Chocolate, Coffee & Pumpkin Spice

Even though I am close to the equator, I don’t let that stop me from enjoying my favorite fall drinks or treats!  I make my own Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer, with a few minor adjustments when something isn’t available.  I’ve become a master at substituting!  You could also put a batch of Creamy Hot Chocolate in the crock pot or make your own mix!  Even if you have to puree your own pumpkin, make your own maple syrup, or have someone send you a package with pumpkin spice, it will be worth it in the long run!

#4 – Create New Traditions!

It is always fun to create new traditions!  Instead of trying to re-create everything exactly the way it used to be, try to do something every year with things you know will be available!  For the last several years we have invited another family to our home and joined our food and fun traditions.  We focus on sweet fellowship and fall feelings! 

#5 – Create an Attitude of Gratitude!

It is so easy to get down in the dumps during the holidays!  Don’t let yourself do it!  Use this time to nurture an Attitude of Gratitude in your home.  Here are some great ideas to keep your Thankfulness going during the fall season.  Attitude of Gratitude Activities and Ideas

These are the jars I have at my house for this purpose!

#6 – What Works for You

I decorate for Christmas on October 31.  I know!  I’m a little crazy, but that is something that helps me with the season.  I actually don’t like decorating the whole house for fall when you take it down to decorate for Christmas.  So I decorate for Christmas in the fall!  I still use the fake leaves and fall candles, etc.  But my house is ready for Christmas at Thanksgiving.  And my guests always love it!  Most of my Christmas decorations say “JOY”, big surprise there, and it truly helps me to stay joyful throughout the whole season.  What is it that YOU would like to do, but you’ve been holding out on because others might look at you a little strange?  Go ahead!  Really, there are no rules when you live in a foreign country!  *wink*

I would love to hear the ways you have made the changing of seasons your own!  Share below some of the things you do.



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