Literary Devices Poster Set: For Literature Analysis


Literary Devices Poster Set

This Literary Devices Poster Set is a fantastic collection of over 20 posters.  Each poster introduces a literary device with a definition and an example.  Each picture is an original, perfectly capturing the intent of each literary device.  It is the perfect companion to any literature or language curriculum.  Many of these literary devices are commonly found in AP Literature Tests!

Literary Devices Covered:
  • Alliteration
  • Allusion & Reference
  • Anadiplosis & Anaphora
  • Asyndeton & Polysyndeton
  • Conflict (Internal & External)
  • Foreshadowing & Irony
  • Simile & Metaphor
  • Synecdoche & Metonymy
  • Symbolism & Imagery
  • Tone & Mood
  • Motif
  • Symbolism
  • Anachronism & Antimetabole
  • Personification & Apostrophe

COMING SOON!  A Literary Devices Master Class teaching the literary devices found in this set and how to analyze classic literary works.

*The posters and pictures were created by Vivian Conrad, a writer, and teacher.



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